Imagine walking into your ideal kitchen every morning and finding that your dream of the perfect place to cook, chat and socialise really has come true. It's even better when you relaxed the night before in your specially designed media room, had a refreshing night's sleep in a sumptuous bedroom, have prepared yourself for the day in a sleek bathroom or dressing room, and can look forward to spending time in your precision-made home office or study. Sounds like something from a movie?

No, this is how every Kings Oak customer can start their day, thanks to the inspired designers and skilled craftspeople who are part of the team at Kings Oak - the kitchen, bedroom, study and bathroom company which has been provided top quality, hand-made cabinets and life-style accessories for the past thirty years.

Originally established by brothers-in-law David Barnett and Eddie Goodchild, the business is now owned and personally managed by Paul Barnett. Paul is dedicated to sourcing the very best materials so that every room design and every bespoke unit produced by Kings Oak is not only beautiful to look at, it is also very strong and certain to last for years.

By incorporating woods from the United Kingdom and from all around the world, by using intensely strong laminates and paint finishes, Kings Oak has an extremely large choice of materials with which to create perfect results for the most demanding and imaginative clients. Traditional or modern, your personal tastes and ideas can be turned into the most elegant reality, to grace your home and suit your life-style.

So how is such perfection achieved and does it mean huge expense?

The answer to the first part of the question is that the high quality and inspired design which is synonymous with any Kings Oak product, is achieved by listening closely to all the ideas a new client brings to the initial meeting with a designer. Many of those ideas are the result of perhaps years of planning the perfect kitchen, for example, and often a client has magazine clippings to show what appeals to them. Sometimes it is a matter of sitting down and carefully going through the comprehensive catalogue of designs Kings Oak have already installed into client homes across the region to begin the process to create a truly unique design. Kings Oak designers are always happy to spend whatever time it takes to establish the ideal design, so every customer is fully satisfied with the final result and can live very happily with their new installation for years to come.

The next thing which Kings Oak clients sometimes ask is, "Does such great quality, attention to details and fabulous fittings cost a fortune?"

The answer is no.

Kings Oak is proud of its high standards and attention to detail but this does not mean one of their home offices, bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens is out of reach for customers who want to work within a particular budget. Again, by talking over the options for every item within a design with Paul or a member of his team, prices can be carefully controlled.

Kings Oak also provides magical children's rooms, using an outstanding, colourful and inventive Italian product range from Battistella. As with all Kings Oak installations, the fitters who work directly for Kings Oak make every centimetre of space count and make sure disruption is kept to a minimum.


To begin your Kings Oak experience and see just some of the fine examples of kitchens, home offices, bedrooms and bathrooms, you are invited to call in for coffee in the showroom at 48 Bergen Way on the North Lynn Industrial Estate, Kings Lynn. You can also call Paul and his team on 01553 762749 to arrange a meeting to suit your schedule.

Kind regards,

Paul Barnett